Why Choose Boyer Greene?

The philosophy of Boyer Greene, LLC is to provide the very best quality client service possible. Based on that philosophy, Boyer Greene, LLC offers their clients the ability to contact Sandy and Arthur for complimentary telephone support after a project has been completed, but when new issues arise that can be addressed through an effective telephone consultation. This ensures that Sandy and Arthur are providing the help needed to their clients to ensure the client’s success. If issues continue to arise, for a modest monthly retainer, Boyer Greene, LLC can become your “virtual managing partner.” This allows clients to call regularly for the support and advice knowing the fixed retainer is in place and their cost won’t escalate out of control.

We charge for only one consultant even if it may require two consultants to visit your firm:

  • There are projects that are best pursed by having two consultants visit your office. Under those circumstances, we will only charge the time of one consultant.

You choose the billing method:

  • Once we have identified the scope of services to be rendered, we will offer to perform those services based on either hourly billing or a flat fee.