Retreat Facilitation

Retreats are a critical means of addressing major firm issues, keeping lawyers committed to common goals and objectives of the firm and providing a group session off site to enhance team and camaraderie. Retreats are best led by outside facilitators who keep the discussion focused and bring an objective presence to the process. We are prepared to provide either comprehensive services guiding leadership through the process of developing the retreat agenda or, in a more limited role, of simply leading a retreat based on the agenda prepared by firm management.

  • Associate Retreats
  • Staff Retreats
  • Marketing Retreats
  • Planning Retreats

Long Range Planning

Leadership of a law firm involves developing and implementing a long range plan for the future of the firm. Every three to five years, the firm should undergo a long range planning session to develop or update its long range plan. Gone are the days when law firms succeeded by simply showing up at work each day and reacting to whatever issues surface. Let us guide your firm, or its leadership, through a long range planning process.