Professional Development

Development of Orientation, Training, Mentoring and Evaluation Programs

The delivery of legal services is a shared effort involving partners, associates, paralegals and support staff. Success depends on training, mentoring, effective delegation and a coordinated process which projects a seamless group effort. We can assist you in developing a professional development program tailored specifically to the needs of your firm. These programs often include developing orientation programs, associate training programs, mentoring programs, and an annual evaluation process. Properly adopted and implemented Professional Development Programs result in better client service, improved lawyer retention, and higher firm profits.

Client Development Assistance for Individual Lawyers

Every lawyer should have goals, objectives and strategies for their own success and for their contribution to the firm’s success. We are experienced in working with individual lawyers to assist them in finding their niche within the firm and in developing marketing plans for the development of their practices.

Effective Delegation

Not all lawyers are born with good delegation skills. In fact, poor delegation of assignments is one cause of low associate morale and one of the factors that cause associates to look for other opportunities. We can work with your partners to assist them in developing good delegation skills and with your associates to help them address delegation issues.

Associate Career and Leadership Development

Lawyer retention can be an issue for firms that have not created and implemented an effective lawyer recruitment program and that have not provided adequate associate training. Some firms had associate training programs in years past which have been victimized by the increased pressure on billable hours. Even in today’s legal environment, there are strategies for implementing formal associate training programs and assisting associates with their career development. We work with firms to assist in establishing or revitalizing their associate recruitment process, associate training, associate career development and leadership development programs.

Paralegal Development and Utilization

Properly utilized, paralegals provide profits to the law firm while providing better service at a lower cost to the client. Too many firms have not achieved successful paralegal programs due to issues of underutilization, poor delegation, limited involvement, poor management and inadequate pricing. We are prepared to evaluate your firm’s paralegal program and make recommendations concerning hiring guidelines, the pricing of paralegal services, the paralegal role in the delivery of legal services, and their contribution to firm profits.

Practice Group Leadership

The lawyer best suited to lead a practice group may not be the one that first comes to mind. Identifying the appropriate practice group leader and developing their leadership abilities will be critical to the success of a practice group. Let us assist in the process of selecting practice group leaders and/or their successors, defining their roles, training them for the leadership role ensuring they advance the goals of their practice group.