Review, Development and Implementation of the Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning is the essential ongoing process that will insure the continued success of any competitive law firm. The development and implementation of a planning initiative prepares the firm for the constantly changing environment in which it operates. It also eliminates the problematic consequences of reactive management and crisis management. Even firms with prior successful strategic plans should revisit and update those plans at least every three years. In order to achieve necessary buy-in, we believe everyone in the firm should have some involvement in the process. Our strategic planning services include interviews with lawyers and staff, assistance in identifying issues, development of goals, objectives and strategies, and assistance with implementation and tracking the action plan.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger of two firms for the right reasons can lead to new levels of success. At the same time, caution and due diligence are critical as the challenges are real and the failure rate is high. It we look at the failures, cultural issues are often overlooked in the pre-merger discussions and later become the cause for insurmountable problems. In our consulting practice, we make certain the firms are contemplating merger for the right reasons. We study both firms and look at pricing of services, practice areas, client bases, professional staffs, administrative and support staffs, policies and procedures, and most importantly, cultures. We bring an objective presence to the analysis and assist in evaluating the reason for the proposed merger, the likelihood of success, any obstacles that need to be addressed and, if a decision is made to go forward, we are available to facilitate the implementation.