Marketing and Business Development

General Marketing

Most small to mid-size law firms struggle to define and implement an economic, yet effective, marketing program. We can assist firms with their marketing effort so there is no need for them to increase operating costs by hiring a marketing director. We can assist firms to develop and implement firm marketing strategies and firm marketing tools and assist in the development of individual, practice group and firm marketing plans. We also assist firms to develop the firm mission and vision because it is perhaps the most important aspect of the firm’s marketing program.

Development of Strategic Marketing Plan

The competition for getting good clients with profitable legal work is as intense as it has ever been. Firms without formal marketing programs are finding their client base eroding. These firms are coming to the conclusion that they can no longer survive without a marketing program, be it simple or complicated. We help firms re-evaluate their position in the marketplace and when necessary help them create an identifiable “brand.” We conduct marketing retreats and work with the lawyers to create a marketing mentality. We help develop marketing plans for the firm, for practice groups, and individuals. In the process, we assist with budgeting decisions to ensure marketing money is effectively spent.

Develop and Conduct Client Surveys

Client surveys are a useful marketing tool. A client survey is not only an effective means of learning about your clients wants and needs, but also acts as a marketing initiative in its own right. We can assist in developing the client survey tool focusing on gaining the most important and useful information possible about and from your clients. Once created, we can provide assistance in implementing the survey and collecting the data. We then create and provide a summary report which will include recommendations for how to use the information acquired during the client survey process.


Cross-selling is a powerful marketing tool underutilized in most firms. We can assist in educating the lawyers with techniques for cross-selling and in developing the necessary firm-wide planning. Creating an internal marketing initiative is perhaps the most successful cross-marketing tool available to firms.

Ongoing Marketing Advice

As part of our ongoing marketing counseling, we can assist firms on a day to day or issue by issue basis. We provide regular advice on all marketing issues including developing specific practice areas (be it starting a new area or enhancing a current area), developing client targeted marketing strategies, and providing overall objective review of current and developing marketing initiatives.

Review and Development of Firm Marketing Tools

Law firms must utilize practical, useful and effective marketing tools. In order to determine what those tools are, the firm must be aware of its own culture, its target market, its budget and its success to date. Our services include a review of both internal and external marketing tools. We evaluate for graphic design, content and overall success. We then make recommendations for enhancing current tools as well as recommending strategies and tools that could be considered for use within the firm.

  • Website review, analysis and development
  • Brochure review, analysis and development
  • Internal marketing tools
  • External marketing tools
  • Blogs
  • Announcements
  • Advertisements
  • PR
  • Practice Group marketing tools
  • Individual marketing tools