Management & Governance

Management and Governance Audits

The management of any law firm should provide both a clear structure and a positive environment which will enable the lawyers to achieve professional success and contribute to the firm’s financial goals. With increasing competition in the profession, we are seeing a direct correlation between the quality and strength of firm management and the success of the firm. In our management and governance audits, we review the firm’s structures and operations in order to provide recommendations consistent with the goals of the firm and the positive aspects of the firm’s culture.

Succession Planning

To achieve enduring success, firms need to address succession planning strategies as ongoing matters, not as isolated dilemmas as each major partner announces their plan to retire. Too many firms wait until the last minute to consider a succession strategy, at which point it may be too late to manage through the transition successfully. Succession planning needs may involve a focus on transitions in leadership, financial management and/or client retention. We assist firms in identifying its succession planning needs and work with them to develop, adopt and implement whatever succession planning strategies are necessary to endure the firm’s continued success.

Leadership Succession

Lawyers who start firms tend to be strong leaders. Many firms maintain success in large part due to the presence of strong leaders. We observe that many struggling firms lack strong leadership. Even successful firms are faced with the daunting challenge of identifying and grooming the next generation of leaders from a group of partners who would probably rather just practice law. We can assist your firm in the process of identifying potential leaders and in assisting in their training and development.

Administrative Audits

An efficient and effective administrative staff will operate, perhaps unnoticed, in seamlessly assisting lawyers to perform their responsibilities within the firm. In our administrative audits, we focus on the roles and responsibilities of each of the individuals on the team in the context of the firm’s internal and external needs. Based on our fresh, objective review of the administrative processes, we will make recommendations designed to improve the workings of the administrative team in providing cost effective support to the firm’s clients and legal professionals.